あと、 中国が新興国から資金を引き揚げると言ってました。

If you’re wondering if we’ve seen the worst, the biggest stock market crash is yet to come. First there will be a drop, then spike, then an even more substantial drop in oil, followed by an oil shortage. There will be lines for oil like nothing seen in the U.S. since the 1970s. A temporary market stabilisation in March makes many wonder if the economy is headed for a recovery, but watch for an more significant crash that will occur in late June and throughout July. In July there will be shock over something that “has never happened before in our lifetime”. Housing and real estate issues also feature prominently at this time.

Kyra 続編

US Stock Market: The market goes down and down in January, then on January 27th it looks like it’s spiking up, but will crash again in February in an even bigger way. This housing crash is not as impactful in the US as in other parts of the world. This impending depression brings the gap between rich and poor into public focus even more. After the middle of February, people feel in the hole. March is the same as the last part of February, not recovered, but seems to be stabilising. Dow goes down to 15,000 in 3 weeks, 14,000 in February, coming back up in March, but then around 13,000 in April (not sure), and eventually to 11,000 by June. Oil prices will be spiking up and down.

More hard hit will be Eastern Europe and South America.

China causes all this. China is usurping funds, people benefiting Chinese market before the crash are being brought up on corruption charges, their money is confiscated by the Chinese Government claiming that they were profiteering. The Chinese government is pumping money back into the market. The Chinese stock market will be shut down for 2-3 days. This will be called “Stock Shock” by the media. When the Chinese shuts down the exchange it doesn’t stabilise the market and it causes the values of many stocks go down. The Chinese government notices this and sells stocks before they release information publicly that these stocks are about to lose value, so in essence, the government is doing insider trading.

So on Friday Wall St, had a bit of a tumble.
Well 530 points of tumbling.
Even though Monday may bring a rally, of sorts.
The coming months.
Are going to bring many more Friday's.






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